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Packing tips

Make sure you pick up the right kind of boxes for your items. A-1 Self Storage offers a number of different choices for your convenience. Talk with our facility manager to determine the number of boxes you may need to make your move easier.

Packing your boxes

1) Group items of comparable size and weight. Try not to combine belongings from different rooms of your home.
2) Create a layer of crumpled packing paper into the bottom of the box. Place heaviest items in the bottom of the box once wrapped in packing paper. Pack small heavy items in small boxes so larger boxes do not become too heavy to pick up.
3) Wrap additional, lighter items with packing paper and place the lighter items on top in the box.
4) To prevent shifting and damage to your goods, cushion the entire package using crumpled packing paper stuffed firmly into unfilled spaces before closing your box,. Your filled box should not weigh more than that which you can easily lift. Under packed boxes may collapse in transit, while over packed boxes can rupture, damaging belongings.
5) Finally, label the box with its contents and destination room. Close the box and seal it with sturdy packing tape.

Loading the truck

1) Sort all the items you are moving into three categories: heavy, medium, and light. When loading items, remember to try and pile items as close to the ceiling of the moving van as their weight will allow. Load items onto the van moving from the wall closest to the cab (front) to the door of the van (back).
2) Load the largest and heaviest items first such as appliances. Place the heaviest pieces in a row across the floor in the front (wall closest to the cab) of the moving van. Make sure heavier items are evenly distributed to balance the truck. Use pads to ensure items are protected properly.
3) Long flat items such as mattress sets and mirrors should be placed along the walls of the moving van to keep them upright and save to space.
4) Load largest and heaviest boxes first, placing these on top of the heaviest items in the front of the truck and on the empty floor. Place lighter boxes on top of the heavier boxes working your way from the front (wall closest to cab) of the van to the back (door) of the van.
5) Ensure all cavities in the van are filled. Moving pads can be used or pillow, towels, sofa cushions, or bedding to fill empty spaces and protect your items. Any small light items can be used to fill any empty space.
6) Load fragile/awkward shaped items last. Ensure these items are properly secured to limit damage during transport. In addition, secure any loose items to prevent shifting during transport.
7) Transport medication and important documents with you at all times, not in the back of the moving van, in case of an emergency.

Why Choose Us

  • Personnel on site
  • Offer Climate Controlled Units
  • Clean Storage Units
  • Can Give Unit Size Consults
  • Over 15 Years Experience
  • Offer Packing Supplies
  • Moving Service Available
  • Lighted Units
  • Video Surveillance
  • Drive-up Access
  • Electronic Gate Access
  • Fenced/Walled Perimeter
  • Ground - Level Units
  • Individually Alarmed Doors

Packing Supplies Available

  • Moving Boxes
  • Packing Paper (10 pounds of newsprint)
  • Packing Tape
  • Tie Down Rope
  • Measuring Tape
  • Mattress Bags
  • Door Locks

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